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DevRel Content Strategies

1 minute read

The very first developer relations online meetup of Stockholm was streamed live on Facebook on April 15, 2020. It was also recorded and later published on Yo...

Load Testing Your API with Postman

9 minute read

In this article, I’ll explain how to use a Postman collection I have created to load test our instance of our test API. The process is pretty straightforward...

API & Backend Security

22 minute read

In my previous article about secure code review and penetration testing of Node.js and JavaScript apps, I tried to give the reader an introduction to the old...

Integrating k6 with Apache Kafka

4 minute read

Undoubtedly, Apache Kafka is one of the most prominent pieces of software existing in today’s distributed architectures, from cloud-providers supporting it t...

Migration of Old Projects to Python 3

9 minute read

A while ago I’ve self-assigned the daunting task of migrating an ancient API project written in Python 2.7 and Django to the latest stable Python 3.7 and Dja...

Employment Contract

19 minute read

There are, at least, two sides (or parties) to each employment contract. The employer who gives you an offer after careful consideration and the employee, th...